Hail Damage

Hail Damage

When people express thanksgiving for having a home to live in, they’ll often say, “I’m thankful for the roof over my head,” yet most homeowners never actually set foot on their roof to know its actual condition. They might see that it’s not leaking.


Unfortunately, a leak-free roof is not a guarantee of a healthy roof. A roof can sustain hail damage, and a homeowner may be utterly unaware of it. Hail loosens the granules that give the shingles their color and protect the asphalt lining. Intense sunshine then “eats” away at the exposed asphalt, making the shingles brittle.  Winter ushers in a new set of problems for a roof struck by hail. The cold causes the shingles to expand and contract, resulting in the shingles curling up and cracking. These areas are now more likely to suffer from leaks that could have been avoided.

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If you suspect that your roof may have hail damage or you want peace of mind, call us today to schedule your free inspection. Or, perhaps you filed a claim on your roof with your insurance company and have been denied. Proving hail damage on your own to your insurance company isn’t as easy and straightforward as it is to show evidence that you’ve been in a car wreck when filing a car claim. That’s why it’s crucial to have a roofing professional present when the adjuster comes to your home. We can point out the damage that your property has sustained and discuss the scope of damages with the adjuster. Call us today.

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