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Green Country Roofing began as a roofing installation company. With Robert’s nearly 20 years of experience in roof installations and repairs, we undoubtedly know the components and structure of a healthy roof. We proudly bring this background to helping customers who have experienced property loss due to wind and hail storms. We understand that sustaining damage to your home or multi-family dwelling can be devastating. That’s why we seek to construct a better experience for you, our customer.


Green Country Roofing is Tulsa’s best roof replacement company. In places like Tulsa, the roof of your home can be damaged by many different things; from wind, hail, and water to old age and heavy debris. The team at Green Country Roofing will promptly inspect your roof and diagnose the damage.

Our Roofing Process

The roof on your house is vital to the structural integrity of your home and keeping your family and belongings safe from the elements. When your roof has been compromised by storm damage, leaks, and old age, the structure of your home and safety of your family is now at jeopardy. You’ll want to act fast in order to properly restore the function of your home.


We conduct a completely free inspection of your property beginning with your roof. If your roof is healthy, we’ll gladly tell you so. If we find damage, we take photos of it so that you can see exactly what we see without having to scale your roof.


Since storm damage doesn’t manifest the same on every house, we thoroughly inspect the entire exterior of your home — screens, gutters, siding, and fencing–just as we would our own. We’re passionate about treating your home like it’s ours. Once the damage is assessed and you file a claim with your insurance company, we meet on-site with the adjuster to discuss and show proof of the damage your property sustained. Once approved, we oversee the installation of your roofing, siding, and/or guttering project, making sure that the work is completed with Moore’s quality and excellence.

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Roofing Contractor Services

A bad roofer can cost you more money in the long run. Inadequate repairs can lead to further damage of your roof. By investing in a trusted roofer with years of experience, you will protect your home and your family. With over 20 years of roofing experience, Green Country Roofing has effectively served clients all throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area.

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Roof Replacement

A healthy roof on the outside of your home protects the contents of the interior of your home. We provide only the best roofing options for our clients!

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Roof Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency roof repairs because it’s important to get life back to normal as soon as possible!

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Gutters Installed

Because gutters have such a vital function, our gutters are completely seamless and built to last. Built on-site, they are constructed to create a custom fit.

vinyl siding tulsa okVinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors, is easy to clean, and requires little to no maintenance.

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roofing contractor tulsa ok


We happily reside in the Tulsa area with our two sons. As a family, we enjoy playing tennis and challenging each other to Nerf gun fights. In fact, Nerf bullets often litter our driveway or end up in the mulching lawnmower. In the summer we take full advantage of the neighborhood pool, and in the winter we long for the pool to reopen. Rob enjoys trying to beat the boys at their latest video games while Elisha likes to cook or bake. Together, we value serving at our local church.

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