Tulsa Gutter Installation

Tulsa Gutter Installation

Gutters are vital to the safety of your home, although they can easily be overlooked. Without gutters, rain would roll off of your roof and fall on the ground directly around the foundation of your home. The ground would become saturated with an excessive amount of water, which could lead to water damaging the foundation of your home. A damaged foundation can be a safety hazard to all the occupants of the house.


At Green Country Roofing we have set out to provide services that protect your home and make life easier.  Seamless guttering is a service that we are happy to provide. Every guttering project that we work on is custom-built. Since there is not a one-size-fits-all house, the guttering is measured and made on-site to make sure that a custom-fit is made specifically to your home.

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Signs That You May Need New Gutters

Gutters effectively move water away from your home to protect it from water damage. It’s important to recognize when you need new gutters so that you can get them replaced in a timely manner. Faulty metal gutters can lead to excessive water around the foundation of your home.

Cracked Gutters That Leak

A leaking gutter is no better than a house without any gutters at all. If you can visibly see cracks and leaks in your gutters, it’s time to have new gutters installed. Also be on the lookout for rust and bending of the gutters, as this is another sign of aging and the possible need for replacement.

Flooded Basement

Are you constantly dealing with a flooded basement? Not only is this a major hassle but it’s also dangerous to the integrity of your home. A flooded basement can be a sign that the gutters on your home aren’t doing their job and they need to be replaced.

Standing Water in the Yard

Is there standing water closer than 6 ft from your home? Standing water can be a sign that the gutters aren’t properly moving the water away from the house. If you notice standing water close to the base of your house, you should consider getting new gutters installed as soon as possible.

Mildew Around the Foundation of Your Home

If the foundation of your home is visible, check it for mildew. Mildew forms when there is excessive moisture, and it can be a sign of water damage. If you have gutters but the foundation of your home is still covered in mildew, it could be a sign that the gutters aren’t functioning properly.

Gaps Between the Roof and the Gutters

Are you regularly having to re-fasten your gutters to the side of your home? If it seems like a gap is regularly forming in between the roof of your house and the gutters, it may be time to invest in new gutters. A gap will let water run-off fall from the roof and onto the ground around the foundation of your home. Gutters should be touching the side of your home directly to catch any water run-off and transport it away from the house.

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Types of Gutters

The most common question that we are asked about guttering is: Do you install seamless gutters? Yes, we do!  This means that the gutters installed on every side of the house will be one solid piece from end to end. Why is this important you may ask?  The weakest part of guttering is at the seams.  Guttering purchased at Home Depot or Lowes usually comes in lengths around 10 or so feet.  Over time, leaks develop at each seam.  Seamless guttering today has become by far a superior product to any other options that are on the market.

Sizing Gutters

Gutter and downspouts come in two different sizes.  The standard size is 5”. Most residential homes will have the 5” guttering installed, but there is a larger 6” size available as well.  The 6” guttering size is more for commercial uses, but there are certain residential homes for which larger guttering would be beneficial.  Downspouts come in similar sizes.  The standard downspout size is 2×3”.  2×3” downspouts are made to match up with the 5” gutter sizes.  To match the commercial guttering, a 3×4” downspout is used.


At this point, you may be wondering which size would best suit your home.  There are a couple of factors to help you decide. However, before we get into these, we need to look at the obvious factor, and that is we live in Oklahoma.  That means when it rains, the rain is severe, so your gutters are going to need to move water and move the water fast.  Water backing up needs to be prevented to prevent issues.


The two biggest factors to help you decide which size guttering to use are:

Roof Area

The roof area is going to help us determine a few things about guttering.  The roof area determines the volume of water that enters into the gutters. The pitch of the roof combined with the roof area will determine the speed at which the water will enter into the gutters. Some roof designs can be problematic for gutter design. For example, when you have a larger roof area but that area slims down towards the bottom of the roof, this leaves a small gutter area forced to move large amounts of water.  These are factors to consider when selecting the size of your gutters. 

Run Length

Run length is the length of one side from end to end.  We have installed seamless guttering with runs over 70’. A factor to consider when the runs are longer is how well the water will be able to exit the gutters.  The greater the distance the water has to travel, the greater the chance a gutter can backup and overflow.  

There are a few main solutions to the factors we’ve discussed.  Moderately sized homes will only need the standard 5” guttering and the standard 2X3” downspouts.  Homes with large roof areas and long runs may want to consider using the standard 5” gutters but upgrade to the larger 3X4” downspouts.  This will allow more water to exit out of the gutters at a faster rate.  The 5” gutter combined with the 3X4” downspout is the most common combination that we install here in Oklahoma.  The homes with large roof areas that slim down into a small gutter area may need a larger 6” gutter installed with the larger downspout as well.  The combination of the two is able to handle large amounts of water.

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Tulsa Gutter Guards

Another important item that can be purchased alongside your gutters is gutter guards. At some point, we have seen a neighbor’s house or maybe a family member’s house—but of course not our own—where plants were growing out of the gutters. Preventing plant growth in the gutters is a benefit of gutters guards.  Keeping out the leaves, sticks, and debris will extend the life of the gutters as well as prevent rot of the facia board. If you have trees in either your yard or the neighbor’s yard, gutter guards can prevent a lot of gutter cleaning and climbing of the ladder several times a year.


Every house is different, so we believe that guttering should be installed to meet the unique needs of every home. We’ll come in and listen to the issues that you may be having and seek to solves those issues.  Contacts us for a free quote, and we’ll be in touch quickly.

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