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What is Hail?

Hail is a form of frozen precipitation that usually occurs during thunderstorms. Hail can range from small ice pellets the size of a dime to dangerous ice clumps the size of a baseball.


How Does Hail Form?


During a thunderstorm, warm lofty air rises while cold, dense air falls. The circulation of the air can cause dangerous storms and even tornadoes. As the air circulates upward, it can cause precipitation to get pushed into the atmosphere’s colder layers before falling, causing the rain to freeze and turn into hail. 


If you’ve ever seen a cumulonimbus cloud, you’ve probably noticed how high the cloud seemed to reach into the sky. These clouds are also known as thunderstorm clouds and can produce hail. These clouds rise high into the atmosphere due to the updraft of warm air. Hail will come from the higher levels of the cloud where temperatures are colder.

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How to Tell if Your Roof has Suffered Hail Damage

The Tulsa metropolitan area is not exempt from inclement and hazardous weather that the rest of Oklahoma experiences. Although severe storm season in Green Country is typically from late spring through the summer, tornadoes and hail storms can hit at any point of the year.


Unfortunately, there’s no way your house can escape a hail storm. It can be difficult to tell whether or not your roof has been damaged by hail. Follow these steps to diagnosing hail damage:


Hail Can Damage Cars, Siding, Gutters, and Roofs


While small pieces of hail may not cause any damage, larger chunks of hail can be devastating to your personal property. Hail can cause your car and house to suffer from severe trauma. This trauma can lead to small invisible leaks in your roof and cracks in the shingles.


If your car, house siding, gutters, or lawn fixtures have been damaged by hail, chances are your roof has been damaged too. If you notice damage to your property, it’s best to contact a roofer to have your roof inspected for damage as well.

Check Your Gutters For Shingle Granules


Shingles are made from crushed stone granules to help give them durability. When hail hits a shingle, it will loosen the granules. If it’s raining, the loose granules will be washed into the gutters by the rainwater. 


While it can be challenging to spot missing shingle granules just by looking at shingles, if you find small stones in your gutters, this is a good sign that your roof has suffered from hail trauma. The shingles won’t be as durable with missing granules and may even have small cracks or holes in them.


Roof Underlayment Mat is Showing


If hail hits with enough force, it can cause shingles to crack and break completely; this will leave the underlayment mat exposed. An underlayment mat is a mat placed under the shingles to provide another layer of protection and insulation. If you look up at your roof and notice areas where you can see the underlayment mat, you need to call a roofer as soon as possible.

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If you suspect that your roof may have hail damage or you want peace of mind, call us today to schedule your free inspection. Or, perhaps you filed a claim on your roof with your insurance company and have been denied. Proving hail damage on your own to your insurance company isn’t as easy and straightforward as it is to show evidence that you’ve been in a car wreck when filing a car claim. That’s why it’s crucial to have a roofing professional present when the adjuster comes to your home. We can point out the damage that your property has sustained and discuss the scope of damages with the adjuster. Call us today.

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