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Oklahoma is known for its inclement weather and ever-changing forecast. If you live in the Tulsa area, then you are all too familiar with random weather encounters that frequently occur. When it comes to dealing with the forces of nature, you can never be over-prepared. Green Country Roofing is here to help you deal with the aftermath of storm damage and weather damage.

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What is Storm Damage?

Storm damage is when inclement weather causes damage to your home or property. This damage can be caused by wind, rain, hail, and debris. When faced with storm damage, it’s crucial to have the damage identified and repaired quickly before the next storm hits. A damaged home will be more susceptible to further storm damage.


Here are the common damages we see to properties in Tulsa:

Wind Damage

Tulsa frequently experiences high winds, whether it’s tornado season or just a blustery winter day. High winds can cause the shingles on your roof to bend or blow away, which leaves the underlayment of the roof exposed. With missing shingles, water won’t be able to run off the roof correctly. Wind can also cause siding to blow away.


If you notice wind damage has been done to your home, call Green Country Roofing immediately. We will repair the damage by replacing the shingles and siding.

Hail Damage

While hail storms aren’t as frequently occurring in Tulsa, they do happen. Hail damage can often go overlooked but can cause severe damage. When hail strikes the roof of your home, it can cause microscopic cracks in the shingles, which can lead to water damage.


Hail damage can be hard to notice on your roof, but chances are if your siding, vehicle, or lawn fixtures show damage from hail, your roof has probably been damaged as well. If you rather be safe than sorry, give Green Country Roofing a call for a free roof inspection.

Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating to houses, as it usually goes undetected until it’s caused substantial damage. It can also compromise the integrity of the home’s structure. For this reason, as soon as you notice water damage in your home, act fast.


Oklahoma is no stranger to flooding and thunderstorms. If you have a roof that has already been compromised by old age or damage, severe rain can cause water to leak into your home. Even if you don’t see water stains on your ceiling, you should regularly check your attic for any signs of leaks or moisture.

What to Do if a Storm is Coming

Storm damage can potentially be devastating to your property, causing damage that can be worth thousands of dollars. For this reason, it’s essential to be prepared when a storm hits. If a severe storm is in the forecast, take pictures of your property. Be sure to snap photos of your roof, siding, and windows, getting every angle of your house. If your home does get damaged, now you’ll have a record.


If you do experience storm damage, you can present the pictures to your insurance agent so that they can help cover the repairs your home will need.

Let Us Serve You!

If you need a storm damage repair or service, that can be a difficult circumstance to deal with and figure out. That’s why at Green Country Roofing, we set out to make the repair process as simple as possible. That can be done by simply answering the phone when you need help the most or giving a quick call back if we’re on the phone. Furthermore, we are a company that you can rely on and trust throughout the entire repair process.

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