There are many things to like about the great state of Oklahoma including its green landscape, blue skies, and family-friendly atmosphere. However, a resounding complaint among residents is the frequency of intense storms including tornadoes and strong winds. Oklahoma is known for its wild weather, so emergency roof repairs are needed from time to time.

With the frequency and severity of storms, it is helpful to have a roofing company that you can trust especially when you find yourself suddenly in need of roofing services. An emergency repair may be needed after a strong storm has swept through your area or perhaps a leak has sprung from an all-day rain. Sometimes dealing with an unexpected home emergency can be unnerving. No worries—we are available to take your call and be at your service.

What Not to Do

We would encourage you not to risk your safety by climbing on your roof yourself or by trying to replace shingles on your own. Unless you have experience roofing, you may cause more damage to your roof by attempting to repair it on your own. Instead, you can safely walk around the exterior of your home to see if any damage is visible to your roof from the ground level. If you see anything alarming, we are just a phone call away.