What an exciting topic that we’re going to address! At some point, we have all seen a neighbor with a missing shingle, or maybe you’re that neighbor. Haha! Sorry, that was not funny! Over the years, as technology has advanced, shingles and other roofing products have improved, providing stronger defenses against the wind. Please note in this contest, we’re only comparing the entry-level lifetime shingles. No luxury-style shingles have been considered. Again, this is our recommendation, like our best-shingle colors of 2020 post. We must mention that each manufacturer has a maximum wind speed for their shingles. Most require that their other roofing materials be installed with their shingles to receive the maximum wind speed warranty on the roof. Let’s get started. Beginning with the #1 best wind-resistant shingle in 2024:

  1. GAF Timberline HDZ—The shingle creates a great seal between the new layer-lock technology and their Dura grip paired with the new smooth micro-granule surface. Use at least 4 of GAF’s required roofing products in addition to the shingle, and this shingle will not have a maximum windspeed limitation. This is particularly impressive because this is the first time in the roofing industry that a manufacturer has not placed a wind speed maximum on its shingle. Numbers 2-5 are listed below and also offer some great features against strong wind.
  2. Owens Corning Duration—Owens Corning Duration has what is called SureNail Technology. SureNail Technology includes a reinforced nail strip on top of the shingle. This shingle has a wind warranty of 130 mph.
  3. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine with HP42 Technology—The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle switches the location of the sealant strip from the bottom of the shingle to the top, which creates a faster seal. Also, the common bond area overlaps more. This means when shingles are nailed, the nail will penetrate two layers of shingles instead of just one. The wind warranty is up to 130 mph.
  4. CertainTeed Landmark—The CertainTeed Landmark shingle includes what is called a Quadra-Bond adhesive that increases the seal between the two layers that make up a laminated shingle. Wind warranty is up to 130 mph when used with their other roofing products.
  5. Malarkey Highlander—The Malarkey Highlander shingles overlap more in the common bond area where the nail is inserted. Plus, this shingle uses a tapered shim at the back of the shingle that allows it to lay flatter to the roof. The wind warranty is up to 110 mph.

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