A good roof is your Tulsa home’s first line of defense against all that Mother Nature throws at it. When it’s time for a new roof, you have a few options for installation. You can opt to remove the current shingles and then install the new shingles, or you can have the new shingles installed over the old ones. This second option, called a roof overlay, can be a good route to take if you understand these pros and cons from your trusted professionals at Green Country Roofing.

Lower Cost

One big advantage of putting your home’s new shingles over its existing shingles is the lower cost of the project. Removing the old shingles takes time, and time costs money. You can have a company like Green Country Roofing inspect your roof before the project to ensure it is able to handle a roof overlay project. If it is, and you’re looking to save some money, a roof overlay may be your best option.

Overlooked Problems

A potential downside to choosing a roof overlay is that it is easier to overlook problems. Since the old shingles will stay in place, there’s a chance that the roofers might not catch problems with the plywood sheathing that supports the weight of the shingles. Then, with the extra weight of the new shingles, these problems could become worse, requiring extra repairs to make your roof sound.

Extra Work in the Future

Another challenge with adding extra shingles to your roof is that it creates more work in the future. Eventually, you’ll need to remove all of the layers of shingles before roofers from Green Country Roofing can put on a new roof. These extra layers can add time and complexity to future projects that could increase the cost. However, if you’re not planning on being in your current home the next time you need a new roof, a roof overlay is a great cost-saving option.

Your Roofing Specialists

At Green Country Roofing, we take pride in helping our customers understand all of their options when it comes to keeping a roof over their heads. That’s why we offer a complete lineup of roof repair, replacement, and overlay services. We also install and repair gutters and repair storm damage. Family-owned and operated, you can always count on us to deliver excellent results. That’s one big reason why we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and consistently receive five-star reviews. To learn more about options for replacing your roof in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, contact us at Green Country Roofing today.

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