Another question that we have been asked and believe it’s worth a great deal to answer is: “How do I know if a construction company is reputable? We have compiled a list of guidelines to help.

  1. Is the company registered or licensed with the state?
  2. Is the company insured?
  3. Is the company accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
  4. Check out the company’s reviews.
  5. Is the company responsive to calls or emails?
  6. Does the company show up on time?

Let’s explore each one.

Is the company registered or licensed?

A reputable company is going to take the time to get licensed. They will also take the time to manage their license. Here in Oklahoma, roofers are required to be registered with the state. Every year, a renewal form needs to be filled out. Licensing/registering requirements in every state are different. In Oklahoma, the website to find out if a roofing contractor is registered and in “good standing” is If the company is not registered/licensed or is not listed in “good standing,” you may want to find a different company.

Is the company insured?

Insurance is very important. A company should provide this to you, but if not, the company should be prepared to furnish you with it. It protects you as the homeowner if a worker were to get hurt or something on your property were to get damaged. It would be perfectly acceptable to request a copy of the construction company’s insurance policy. It would be perfectly acceptable to call the insurance company to confirm that the insurance policy is current. If the company is reputable, it should be okay with all of this as well. For a roofing contractor, a minimum of $500,000 worth of coverage for general liability is needed. A workers’ compensation policy is also necessary.

Is the company accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Now, this may be an optional professional decision for many, but for Green Country Roofing, we have found that it gives homeowners peace of mind. The BBB conducts a background check on registered businesses plus they read through the company’s website to make certain that nothing is misleading on it. The BBB can help you make an informed choice and also gives you a forum to either praise or complain about a contractor if desired. A reputable company would likely see the value of being accredited with the BBB.

Check out the company’s reviews.

Boy, are reviews important! It’s hard these days to buy anything or eat anywhere without reading at least a couple of reviews; they are so readily available. Reviews from many platforms like google and the BBB should give you an idea of how a company takes care of its customers.

Is the company responsive to calls and emails?

The number of times I have heard that a roofing or construction contractor never returned the customer’s call is innumerable. If a contractor doesn’t return your call or email within a reasonable amount of time, this might be a warning sign about the company’s reputation. Companies who value you will take the time to respond to you.

Does the company show up on time?

To me, this is the most important one. To be 5 or 10 minutes late gets me worked up, but I like to be on time. From time to time, it’s possible to be running late or behind, but a phone call to the homeowner is in order. I have heard story after story of contractors never calling to let customers know that they will be late or even not showing up at all. Timeliness is an easy indicator of a company’s reputation.

Green Country Roofinghopes these tips are helpful to you and help you feel empowered as a customer.

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