Clogged gutters and downspouts are a common problem that usually results from leaves and debris. If your gutters are clogged and can’t drain properly, water can start leaking out and pooling up next to your home. Gutter clogs can be a serious issue because they can cause major damage to your foundation, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to try and avoid. All the water stuck inside the gutters can lead to an ice dam forming on the roof in winter, which can also cause major roof damage or lead to the roof leaking. To help you preserve your home, we’re going to discuss some simple tips for cleaning and maintaining your gutters that will help you to avoid these issues.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned Every Fall

Because leaves are the primary cause of clogged gutters and downspouts, it’s always a good idea to have your gutters cleaned in the late fall or early winter once all the trees have lost their leaves. Gutter cleaning is a job that’s always best left to the professionals since it involves climbing up on an extension ladder or on the roof, which can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have the proper safety equipment and training. When cleaning your gutters and downspouts, professionals will also inspect them for damage and leaks to ensure water doesn’t pool up next to your foundation.

Install Gutter Guards to Significantly Reduce Clogs

An even more effective solution to significantly reduce clogs is to have gutter guards installed. There are a variety of different gutter guard systems that are designed to keep out leaves and debris, so your gutters stay clean and always drain properly. By installing gutter guards, you’ll reduce the risk of clogging and property damage.

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