Let’s dive into another question that we are frequently asked. That question is: “Will Green Country Roofing meet with my adjuster?” The answer to that question is “absolutely!” Having a contractor meet with your adjuster is key. Having your contractor meet on-site with your adjuster helps regarding damage not being overlooked. Let’s talk about an adjuster meeting and what goes on before, during, and after.

Before the meeting—When your house has been damaged by a storm to the point that filing a claim is necessary, this is the most important time for your contractor to do a thorough inspection. When we prepare to meet your adjuster, we are going to do the following:

  • Find and document all the damage
  • Take measurements of the roof, siding, and gutters, if applicable
  • Find all building code costs that relate to the damage
  • Write up an estimate using an insurance software program called Xactimate

An adjuster can have many claims to assess in a day—sometimes 10 or more. That’s a lot! The best way to handle this overload is for us to do the entire job of evaluating your property the way the adjuster would. We put a packet together just like the adjuster would. This investment of time and attention on our end to prepare for this meeting is important to get your home back in order.

During the Meeting—Being prepared for this meeting is important. Once the adjuster arrives, a cordial introduction is made, and we let him or her know that we did our due diligence. From there, we let the adjuster do his or her job. The adjuster may or may not have any questions for us. We can tell early on if the adjuster is having any issues. If he or she is having a hard time, we will step in and alert him or her to the damage that we found on your property. At the end of the day, we want to be part of the solution to getting your home restored to pre-storm condition.

After the Meeting—After an adjuster meeting, a decision about roof replacement, along with siding and gutters if applicable, is made. This decision may be made on the spot and communicated to you as the homeowner, or the decision might be mailed to you in a week or two. The adjuster will write up his or her estimate. This estimate can be confusing to interpret. We will do our best to explain everything to you so that it makes sense. If any items are left off this estimate, we will simply send in documentation to the insurance company, requesting that these items be added to the estimate. This process is called supplementing. Once these steps are completed, the fun begins by selecting shingle styles and colors and getting the work scheduled and completed.

Will we meet your adjuster? Yes, and we will be completely prepared to do so. Please contact us if you have any further questions about this process. We’re here to help.

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