Roofs are durable parts of a home designed to last a long time. That said, every roof begins wearing down after withstanding years of sun, wind, rain, and snow. Whether you need to replace your home’s roof or are researching roofing options for a future home, there are many smart and eco-friendly alternatives to consider. Here’s more information about three environmentally friendly roofing options.

1. Solar Roofs

Solar roofs feature large solar panels. These panels absorb energy from the sun’s rays. With these roofs, your home can use the energy generated from its solar panels. Not every home can structurally support solar panels. However, for homes that can, having a solar roof is an environmentally friendly roofing option that’s gaining lots of popularity. A drawback of solar roofs is that it takes quite a while to get an ROI from them.

2. Composite Shingle Roofs

Composite shingles offer a thick layer of protection. These shingles keep out the intense Tulsa heat. They’re also durable enough to withstand Oklahoma’s wild weather, including hail and wind damage, rain, and snow. Composite shingles receive their name because they contain different materials, including asphalt, rubber, plastic, and other recycled materials. When combined, the materials in composite shingles provide a cost-effective roofing solution for any home.

3. Cool Roofs

Another popular environmentally friendly roofing trend is the cool roof. This roof type gets its name because it’s great at reflecting rays from the sun. As these roofs use their high solar reflectance, they create a more eco-friendly home that uses less energy. The main characteristic of a cool roof is that it’s typically light in color to help with solar reflectance.

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